Stephen B. Allgood President and Managing Partner 

Stephen B. Allgood has over 32 years of experience in the hospitality and development industry, with 25 of those years specifically dedicated to the management, acquisition, and development of hotels and resorts. Mr. Allgood has served in a myriad of positions for both domestic and international hotel corporations, including Vice President of Operations for Luxe Worldwide Hotels and Chief Operating Officer for Personality Hotels. The combination of his innate talents with such diverse work experience affords Mr. Allgood a significant edge in this very competitive market and forms the basis for his continued successes.
Mr. Allgood’s career has allowed him the privilege of operating a variety of 3 and 4 diamond hotel and resort properties in the Central Arizona, Southern, Central, and Northern California markets. These locations range from intimate boutique hotels to luxury resorts and spas, to expansive corporate and convention hotels. 

After opening his first hotel in 1984 as an operations manager for Marriott Hotels, Mr. Allgood went on to play a crucial role in the opening of seven more hotels. He has also been involved in the renovation of over 12 hotels and the change of total brand identity in more than seven hotels. Mr. Allgood has either personally completed or been included in over 50 due diligence projects for potential acquisitions by various entities.
In 2004, Mr. Allgood formed AB Hospitality in conjunction with a long time industry colleague, Jim Deskus and Alan Barmaper. 

In 2006, AB Hospitality's mission is to build “green” in every possible project in order to protect the fragile ecosystem of our environments.

James M. Deskus CFO and Partner
James Deskus has over 37 years of experience in the construction, development, and management of a variety of hotel projects. Mr. Deskus holds a B.S. in accounting and worked as a Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500 company in New York City for many years. He then accepted a position as the Corporate Controller with American Hotel Management.
In 1982, he co-founded American Inns Management, Inc. (AIM) to provide prospective clients both financial and operational management services for their full service hotels and select service properties. Over the next 10 years, AIM successfully developed and operated approximately 12 hotels in Arizona and California.
Mr. Deskus’s background in accounting, finance, and computer operations allows him to provide clients with a vast assortment of financial services that are crucial to the continued success of any operation. These services include, but are not limited to, financial planning and reporting; departmental and overall budgeting; control of payroll, product, administrative, and other costs; property tax appeals and negotiations; property and liability insurance specifications and negotiation; capital expenditure analysis; and franchise relations and negotiations.

Joe DiStefano Executive Vice President

Yolanda Trujillo Interior Designer

Gerret Martin Design Team

Beth Gaskin Operations Team

Juliet Kennedy Marketing Director

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